Third Act Of Extreme Sailing

The third Act of the Extreme Sailing Series came to an end in Madeira Islands but there are more Acts to look forward to. This format of sailing is fast paced which makes it risky and challenging for the participants, but a great show for the fans to witness.

The third act saw the SAP team hold their forte in the first position while Alinghi still leads in the overall scoreboard this season so far. They however finished in the second position while the Oman Air team finished in the third position. The series will now move to the fourth Act that will be held in less than three weeks in conjunction with Yacht Charter Dubrovnik.

The three teams are in a tight competition and fans will look forward to seeing how the forthcoming Act works out for them. Indeed, at the finals of Act 3 in the Extreme Sailing Series they were exchanging blows between each other’s vessels as they were very close. Often no one has made much progress as a result.

When one team tries to slow down another, they often end up hurting themselves and it often does not work well for either team. As for the Red Bull team they staged a strong comeback but the capsizing of their vessel made it difficult for them. They won two races but the overall race was difficult with ups and downs of emotions that they faced.

The syndicate from Austria took the fourth position which they snatched away from the NZ Extreme Sailing team. NZ team also admitted that they had a close battle with the Red Bull team and it will remain on their sights for some time. That is how the situation remains as Act 3 comes to an end. Fans can look forward to another exciting race that is set to take off soon on the waters of Barcelona.

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