Sarasota Sailing Squadron Will Have To Wait

According to the information, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron will have to wait and wait could be until next year. As per the situation around, it seems that the club will be able to host the 72nd Sarasota Labor Day Regatta next year only. This edition of the event got canceled because of the lingering red tide. This tide is associated with the bacteria levels present in the Sarasota Bay. The first edition of race held in the 1940s, it is the largest and oldest and regional regatta of Florida and Southeast.

Craig Bridges, the manager of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron said “Before deciding to cancel the event, we held out as long as we could. It was only one of those things. Even in the case that the tides would have got cleared up by that time, the sailors would have experienced poor conditions. And we don’t want people should leave Sarasota with bad memories.”

The announcement regarding the match was made after the county official postponed the no-swim advisory for seven more days on beaches in some areas. The regatta was for young sailors and in the event two-thirds of the entrants were younger than high school or of high school. For many young sailors, this would have been the first major regatta for numbers of new young sailors.

Bridges said, “We want to give a good environment to budding sailors. We do not want that their first race should take place under the miserable conditions. At present we don’t see a kind of window that could provide an enjoyable and safe experience for the competing sailors including their families and friends.” This is a big size regatta and it normally attracts sailors anywhere between 200 to 250 and this year, the number of entrants has been just one third.

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